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TunnelMC 允许 Minecraft Java 版玩家加入 Minecraft 基岩版服务器



首先 TunnelMC 是一个Fabric Mod。我们所做的是打开与 Minecraft Bedrock 服务器的连接并翻译任何传入和传出的数据包,以便两个版本都可以读取它们。

Why a Fabric Mod and not a Proxy

Well we love fabric ❤️, also making it a mod instead of a proxy allows us to do some stuff we normally could not do. Such as skins, we read the skins from the bedrock server instead of Minecraft.net this would not be possible without some sort of mod. Also technically we could add emotes and other stuff Minecraft Java Edition does not have. Granted we probably wont add emotes but we could.

What is left to add

Yeah well, thats not the correct question to ask, we just recently started development and the real question is what have we added.

  • Offline server authentication(does not work with bedrock dedicated server, but does with nukkit)
  • Basic chunk translation
  • Block translation(thanks to Geysers' mappings, still needs a little work, but its generally there
  • Spawning of players
  • Skins(generally working, layers seem to not work)
  • Chat
  • Swinging animation


I'd like to help or try to help, where do I start? Setting up the project is just like any other Fabric Mod for eclipse you need to run the gradlew genSources command, then gradlew eclipse, then import it as an existing project into eclipse, if your using another IDE please look at the Fabric Wiki.

Also it would be appreciated if you coded in this style

if(x) {
x.forEach(new Consumer<X>() {

  public void accept(X x) {

rather then

x.forEach((x) -> {

Also if you have any knowledge on xbox live/the api it would be cool if you added xbox live authentication and or joining worlds from invites.😎


This generally would not be possible without some open source projects, wheather its just looking how thing works inorder to reverse translate them, looking at their code to see how thing work, and or copying a little bit of their code. We apperiate all these projects.

  • Protocol
  • Nukkit
  • Geyser
  • gophertunnel

How can I try it

You currently can not, we are still in development and a lot has not been added yet.


We might post some screen shots or information about TunnelMC in there, or if you'd like to help out, you can join and we can see whats crackin.


This is a picture of the Java Edition on a Bedrock Edition server  This is a picture of what it looks like on the Bedrock Edition